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Viewable Storage Facility Project

Caring for our collection

One of the most important functions of a museum is to be  a good steward of its resources held in the public trust.  These resources for a history museum are its collections and archival holdings– what many people feel is the heart and soul of a museum– the collective history of a people or place.  We use our collection to create exhibits that tell us stories about how our nation, our communities and our cultures came to be,  and without museum collections, those stories could be forgotten. METC’s collection contains approximately 8,900 objects, textiles, archives, and other examples of the history of New Jersey’s early immigrants.  

In 2019, this collection, housed in our historic building, was severely compromised by a mold infestation which was swiftly addressed and remediated.  But to save the collection from any permanent damage, the museum fast tracked a long-range plan to create a new viewable storage facility that would house the entire collection in a modern, environmentally controlled area in the museum.  Funded by generous grants from the NJ Historic Trust, NJ Historical Commission and the Madison Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust, METC is in the midst of the feasibility study phase of this multi-year plan.  The study will create a design plan, construction documents, and specify needed collection storage for the next phase in the creation of this facility.

We still have  a long way to go with this complex and critical project, but we are excited that our collection will finally  be properly stored, cared for and inventoried. And  these bits of history will continue to be preserved so they can speak for us all and tell the complete stories of the many diverse people who lived and worked here; creating our communities and the place we call home.

On March 15, METC was presented a $50,000 check for a feasibility study by the New Jersey Historic Trust and Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver. Click here for the press release. 

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