Museum of Early Trades & Crafts

Staff & Board

Museum Staff

Deborah Farrar Starker
Jefferson W. Kirby Executive Director
[email protected]

Elizabeth Quay
Deputy Director
[email protected]

Nicole Rowland
Finance Manager
[email protected]

Claudette Stecher Lopez
Curator of Collections
[email protected]

Alyssa Beronilla
Museum Educator
[email protected]

Amy Reed
Communications Coordinator
[email protected]

Michaela Piepoli
Museum Educator
[email protected]

Stanley A. Ramirez
Museum Assistant
[email protected] 

Collections Staff
Marisol Borreli
Dana DeBarros

Patron Services
Judy Books
Catherine Shattuck

Kathleen Brennan Barrett

Museum Officers

Martin F. Barbato
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Irene Maroney

Tyler Merson

Board of Trustees

Andrew Boles
Jeff Gertler
Chris Kellogg
Valerie Librizzi
Patricia C. Morgan
Karen Wong Poy
Shea Richardson
Michael Schloff
Silvina Traba
Virginia Wilson

Advisors to the Board

Nino Coviello
Stacy Russo
David Strand
Eric Range, Borough Council Liaison
The Honorable Bob Conley, Mayor of Madison Ex-Officio

Intern/Volunteer Opportunities

METC welcomes applications for internships or volunteer opportunities that support METC’s mission. All internships with METC must be for academic credit. Projects are assigned to accepted applicants based on interest, availability, and experience level. To apply, please e-mail us your resume at [email protected], and fill out our Volunteer/Intern Form below.  Internships are organized on a semester basis. Volunteer applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Internship/Volunteer Application
Volunteer/Intern Application
Please note that typical experiences are about 6-12 hours a week.
Please note that typical experiences are available Monday to Friday from 10am - 4pm.
If you are looking for something different please explain below.
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