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Special Exhibits

Special Exhibits: What's in the Vault?

Spotlight on METC’s Viewable Storage Facility and its impact on the museum and its collection

This exhibit offers a behind-the-scenes look at METC’s Viewable Storage Facility project, its importance to our collections, the unique history of the building, and the treasures uncovered during renovations.

METC’s Vault showcases  special, pop-up exhibits.  We use these exhibits to feature monthly celebrations, holidays, and other events relevant to Madison. 

If you are interested in creating an exhibit as a school or scout project that you think would be interesting to the museum’s community, please reach out to our curator at [email protected]

Past Special Exhibits

The Bee Project by Elena Smyrniotis
This outdoor installation on the grounds of METC consisted of multi-dimensional modular sculptures in the pattern of beehives. A visual and tactile exhibit, The Bee Project encompassed art, education, and science, drawing attention to the long history of local beekeeping, and the human-caused threats to honeybee colonies and wild bees worldwide. These vibrant, colorful honeycombs functioned as a base for a multitude of hand-crafted bees created by visitors, students, artists, and educators using reclaimed and recycled objects.

Frozen Music: The Architecture of the James Library Building 
This exhibit provided an overview of the architectural history of METC’s home, the James Library Building. 

From Immigrants to Influencers: The Latin American History of New Jersey
Developed by high school student James Beacham, this exhibit explores the history, impacts, and culture of Latin American immigrants and their descendants in New Jersey. 

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