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Hidden Treasures from METC's Permanent Exhibit

Museum collections contain vast stories. These narratives are held within the collections of historic objects, fine art, archival material, and library holdings. Each item within a museum collection communicates the distinct perspective of the individual or group who crafted the objects; those who owned the objects; those who collected the objects; and the communities and people who used the
objects to define their societies.

METC’s Permanent Collection represents New Jersey’s development from early European settlement to industrialization. We acknowledge the gaps in our collection, which include indigenous populations, enslaved people, and other groups whose lives significantly contributed to the comprehensive story of the Garden State. Comprised of approximately 8,900 objects, the collection tells complex stories of New Jersey culture, economy, and society through home, shop, and farm trades.

Uncovered: Hidden Treasures from METC’s Permanent Collection situates historic objects and documents at the forefront of the exhibit’s narrative. Artifacts are oriented on platforms and in cases to demonstrate their significance as multifaceted items. As you walk around this gallery, view a selection of objects and historical records from the Permanent Collection. You may adjust your outlook on how these artifacts tell meaningful and intricate accounts of Americans, and specifically New Jerseyans, in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Jul 16

Thank you to those who helped make this exhibit possible!​

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