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Fighting Fire

Exploring the History and Evolution of Firefighting in New Jersey

Once essential to our survival, the ability to harness fire was vital to our success. Fire is essential, but destructive. It has the capacity to turn against us and devastate lives, necessitating the need to not just control, but fight fire.

In collaboration with Madison, Green Village, Chatham Township, and Morris Township fire departments, METC is pleased to present our new exhibit Fighting Fire, exploring the history of firefighting and the heroic acts of both
volunteer and professional firefighters from its 18th century beginning to the
present day.

Discover the evolution of our first responders through key historic moments,
artifacts, and personal narratives with a glimpse into what the future could hold for firefighting through innovation and technology.

Jan 16
Feb 11
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Thank you to those who helped make this exhibit possible!​

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