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A Fall Visit to the Brooklyn Museum

Jenny Reilly, Communications Coordinator | October 24, 2021

Even on a day off, I can’t resist a visit to another museum. It had been a long time since I had gotten the chance to visit The Brooklyn Museum, so I hopped on the train and subway on a Sunday for a day of art and history!

The first exhibit we went through was Modern Gothic: The Inventive Furniture of Kimbel and Cabus, 1863-82.  Two immigrant cabinetmakers Anton Kimbel and Joseph Cabus created a fresh take on the modern gothic style furniture and made it accessible for both the affluent and the growing middle class. These pieces of furniture were beautiful with intricate carving and decoration. 

We also were able to see the Obama portraits before they left New York City! This was a very busy gallery! I enjoyed seeing how the exhibit compared historic Presidential  portraits with the Obama’s more modern take on portraiture. 

Much to my dismay, the Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibit was sold out for the day but it’s up until February 2022 so I’ll just have to make another trip to the Brooklyn Museum!

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