Museum of Early Trades & Crafts

Programs for Brownie Scouts

Fair Play Badge

Put a historic spin on having fun and learning to play games fairly!

  1. Follow the rules
  2. Include everyone
  3. Be a part of a team
  4. Keep score
  5. Have a field day

* This program includes making marbles out of clay OR painting wooden tops. Please specify your preference at the time of booking.

Inventor Badge

People in the 18th and 19th centuries developed many tools to solve the problems and challenges they faced. Learn about some of them, then see if you can invent a better tool!

  1. Warm up your inventor’s mind
  2. Find lots of ways to solve the same problem
  3. Make a needs list
  4. Solve a problem
  5. Share your invention

My Family Story Badge

Bring an object that is important to your family. We will discuss and examine various abjects in the METC collection and the way in which objects can tell stories. Share the story your object tells and make a story or family tree: the more information you can bring on your family the better!

  1. Explore family stories
  2. Know where your family is from 
  3. Make a story tree
  4. Find an object that means something to your family 
  5. Share your family story

Painting Badge

Be inspired by the beautiful METC building, grounds and collection to create a range of different artworks!

  1. Get inspired
  2. Paint the real world
  3. Paint a mood
  4. Paint without brushes
  5. Paint a mural

Potter Badge

See historic examples of functional clay pieces and touch pieces of the terra cotta clay that decorates the METC building. Have some fun experimenting with clay, then make a pot and your own clay masterpiece!

  1. Find some pottery
  2. Get to know clay
  3. Make a simple pot
  4. Make an art piece
  5. Paint & glaze (painting may have to be finished at home)
 ⭐ Badge Requirements

The above badges can be fulfilled in part or in full. The badge requirements in bold will be completed as part of the program. Call our Education Department at 973-377-2982, ext. 12 or email for more information or to schedule a program.

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